Warm Kitchen Light Fixtures in Your Home

Mar 1st

Kitchen light fixtures – In a kitchen we always need light. You must take into account use that is given to this space, which is none other than preparing food for our day to day. For this reason light must be constant, both day and night. Do you want to know what kind of lights you can put in your kitchen? We give you some ideas so you can choose best lighting for this space in your home. In ancient kitchens halogen was used, mainly because they provided a lot of light and made this stay was always illuminated. However, with arrival of led floodlights this has completely changed.

Now, most kitchens use this type of kitchen light fixtures. Why? LEDs reduce consumption and are also a powerful source of artificial light. Its size allows us to place them strategically around kitchen area, looking for points where we need most light, such as food preparation area. So that you can better understand this idea it is advisable to illuminate upper areas of cupboards and also in some of corner regions where are located elements of kitchen. In addition to visible lights can also be used lamps that are located recessed and not seen. These offer good light and give above all an elegant and subtle atmosphere to spaces of kitchen.

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It is also recommended to illuminate areas of front-eaters and islands of kitchen as they are areas where they spend a lot of time. In these areas it is advisable to use warm kitchen light fixtures. This can be recessed or suspended. What is advisable with hanging lights is that they have a minimum distance of 60 cm between lamp and island or table. This is recommended so that there is a good distance and heat and light of bulb do not disturb people who are located there. Apply these tips in your kitchen and you will have a bright and elegant room.

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