Unique Green Light Bulbs Color

Mar 3rd

Green light bulbs – Now that we know what an LED is, it is time to go into detail about the types of LED bulbs that exist in the market. Infinity of types are developed at present, being Asia and the United States the zones with greater centers of production of this type of illumination. There is practically a solution for every need but before we see them we know some important details about LED lighting. When we go to a distributor to buy an LED bulb we can find such a wide offer in models that can confuse us. And the worst thing is that, in addition to multiple models, there are also big differences in price. How to know which LED bulb is better or just the most advisable? We tell you from our own experience.

In the stores we can find models that use a few LEDs, between 3 and 5, or others that use a large number, close to twenty or even more. Saying which is better or worse is difficult because it will depend on several factors. The first, the quality of the LED. That an LED emits more light depends on the amount of active material that has been used. As it has more or less the price of LED is expensive and direct implication of the green light bulbs

To avoid using high density, more expensive LEDs, some manufacturers do include 12, 20 or more LEDs in their lower quality bulbs. But of course, this brings several problems. If they are placed in series, failing one will fail the next so the life of the bulb is reduced. Also if you apply an excess of energy to achieve the same light as the high density LEDs the green light bulbs deteriorates before, seeing as the light emitted drops considerably. Being able to pass to 50% of the light that originally emitted, instead of the 70% to which it would lower almost at the end of its life cycle, about 45000 hours.

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