Types Lantern Pendant Light

Mar 4th

Lantern pendant light – Pendant lighting has become very popular recently. Design of vivid colorful multi-glass, often used, bring the focal point other colors inspired by room or room. And many styles available, including mini pendants, pendants, lanterns bowl pendants, pendant drum and multi light pendants. Mini pendants are usually less than 10 inches long, with the light downward. Very often this is designed with modern and stylish looks, use colors brightly colored glass. Mini pendant Perfect for use on the kitchen table, bar, dining table, and other small seating area.

Often, several mini pendants are single hung in a series of 2-5 or more. This is a very common view in the modern restaurant and bar. Bowl pendants are often hung as a focal point in your room, and can be used as a substitute for light in kitchens and dining rooms, entryways, etc. Bowl lantern pendant light is usually softer than other types of pendants because light is reshaped through a much larger glass. And because the bowl is open on top of the tripod, giving from the top and bottom of the lighting. For the same reason, however, the Bowl pendant should always be subject to higher than eye level to keep from looking directly into the top of the open. They are not recommended for the area near stairs and balconies because of this.

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Drum lantern pendant light in a new popular style as well. They are widely used in business and modern home surroundings. The Drum pendant is a short cylindrical “drum”-shaped, usually covered in cloth or metal, closed at the bottom and top of the side and dangling from rods or straps. Multi Light pendants are usually just a series of individual mini-pendants, linked from a single mountain. They are especially ideal for use over a coffee table, a pool table, kitchen island and Wet bars.

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