To Plan for Low Voltage Led Landscape Lighting

Mar 6th

Low voltage led landscape lighting – To plan for low voltage led landscape lighting, starting with walk around your property and note the areas you want to improve with low voltage led landscape lighting. Consider dark walks, especially those footpaths with steps that can create a travel hazard. Trips, trees, shrubs, dark areas around the entrances or windows. Around the decks and patios are excellent candidates for low voltage lighting fixtures. After that, draw your property on grid paper, which indicates the areas you want with landscape lights. Note the location of trees, shrubs; gardens have areas along the outside of your home, ramps and walkways.

Enter the drawing types of low voltage led landscape lighting fixtures you want to use and where you want to place them. Use the area or down the lights around ramps, roads and the outer edge of a garden or pond. Use washers accent trees and shrubs. Mark a feature on your property and create a wall wash effect along the sides of your home. Use levels or fashion lights to throw soft light at 360 degrees around the perimeter of your home, and along ramps and walkways. Specialty fixtures, such as deck lights, underwater lights and hanging low voltage lamps are also available. Next, select the location to mount your low voltage transformer. Determine if you want to hang your transformer off your front door, back door or in your garage.

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Select a close proximity transformer directly to a protected GFCI outlet. Do not select a location that would require you to use an extension cable to power your transformer. Then, measure for the length of low voltage led cable you need from your transformer location every low voltage led landscape lighting fixture, after the straightest line possibility. Add 10 to 20 percent in length of the cable to accommodate joints. Adjustments or mistakes in your lighting layout. Last, added up wattal from each fixture that you have chosen to get the total that your light design requires. Choose a low voltage transformer that exceeds your wattal needs by 20 percent to enable future expansion of your landscape lighting.

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