To Operate Led Fog Lights

Mar 3rd

Led fog lights – Traffic accidents tend to occur in bad weather. Especially in rainy and foggy days due to reduced visibility. The car’s additional light is only to light up in the evening, which is not the perfect choice for the auxiliary light. For rainy and foggy days. Led fog lights are designed exclusively for fog days and rainy days to reduce traffic accidents. The reflector designed for high efficient use of light. High quality LED chips provide ultra bright and white light, high-gloss, high-speed PMMA lenses, giving clear visibility to illuminate in foggy days. So, ensuring safer driving in bad weather.

When you find yourself driving in fog, getting off the road and waiting for the fog to lift is the safest you can do. But if you have to drive, led fog lights will help you look better. When corrected, the led fog lights project a low wide beam to help lower the back spread from the headlights reflected from the water drops of low clouds. The US Environmental Protection Agency requires fog lights to be in yellow, white or yellow colors. And these lights must meet the requirements of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Meanwhile, to operate led fog lights is not difficult. Starting with reduce speed when driving in fog and turn on headlights.

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Keep headlights on whatever – meeting drivers will only be able to see the headlights at a distance. Second, turn on the fog lights; do not accidentally turn on the main beam. When you have your headlights on, they directly light into fog and you will not be able to look good. Keep the lights on the dipped beam. Third, turn on the rear led fog lights if you have them. You will find rear led fog lights mainly on European cars. Fourth, drive only in the right field, either using the right edge of the road or the white line on the side of the road to guide you. Fifth, use your windscreen wipers to defroster constantly while driving through fog. Last, turn off your front and rear led fog lights as visibility improves. Since they produce a glare that may affect other drivers.

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