To Choose Bedroom Mood Lighting

Mar 1st

Bedroom mood lighting – Lighting bedroom, since the bedroom is used for many different purposes, there are rooms where it can be good to spend some extra time and effort to find the right lighting. File photo. It is also a good idea to think in full when choosing lighting for your bedroom. See, for example, how the transition from one room to the next is. Although it may be effective to use contrasts, it is a good idea to avoid steep transitions between dark and very light because it dazzles and tears the eyes to change.

Choosing materials and colors in the bedroom mood lighting also affects the amount of light in the room. If you have a dark wood floor, use a larger amount of light than if you have a light wooden floor. There is not reflected as much light from the dark surfaces as from the bright ones. Also, remember to see the rooms at different heights, either at children’s height (or from a height that is higher than your own). Do the lamps blend in the hallway, over the coffee table or at the dining table? At tables where the height is crucial, it is important to choose lamps that have a well-shielded and focused light.

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In addition, there may be elements in a room that makes bedroom mood lighting a slightly bigger challenge. Here it can be a great help to have flexible lamps, such as lamps that can be turned away from directing light surfaces onto tiled surfaces such as tiles, steel tables, very glossy floors, etc. Flexible lighting also makes it possible to vary the lighting, and it may be a good feeling to vary the bedroom mood lighting without having to move around the lamps. Being able to soften the light at selected places also provides flexibility. The same lamp can provide light for both cleaning and a nice dinner.

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