To Check the Fluorescent Kitchen Light Bulbs

Feb 27th

Kitchen light bulbs – Ballast is the heart of a fluorescent light bulb. It sends a high voltage pulse to turn on the lamp, and then supplies a constant power of electricity to keep the lamp on. In this way, it works and acts just like an electrical transformer, adapted to the needs of a gas-filled, fluorescent light bulb. All dedicated fluorescent luminaries use common ballast. Change all fluorescent lamps if you suspect that there may be bad ballast, so there is no easier way to determine if ballast has gone bad. New lights light up if the ballast is good, but will either flicker, be weak or not illuminated at all if the ballast has gone badly.

And the next steps to check the fluorescent kitchen light bulbs you need to set the voltmeter rotor to read the AC voltage. And then measure the line voltage of the electric vessel. Look for a voltage reading of 115 volts will fixture. Correct voltage is required to allow a ballast to work properly, so reading a voltage with a difference of 10 percent or lower causes ballast to the machine failure. Conversely, if the correct mains voltage is observed but fluorescent lamp still does not work, someone needs to be replaced.

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Furthermore, you need to remove the kitchen light bulbs and connect ammeter probe on the bulb outlet to check the output ballast current. Amperemeter must complete the circuit, which allows the power to flow through amperemeter. If you are using a multimeter as an amp meter, rotate the dial to record power reading. Check the current power specifications on the ballast correctly, and use it as a guide for measuring the current. Current strength measurements on the sockets lower than stated mean ballast has either short-circuited or failed from use or age.

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