The Long Life of 48 Inch Bathroom Light Fixture Fluorescent Bulb Last

Feb 27th

48 inch bathroom light fixture – There is a saying that we spend a third of our lives in the bathroom. And based on what we try to make our bathroom as comfortable as possible. So when we spend the third of our lives there we are in ease when you do our business. Since it is necessary to visit the bathroom comes at all hours, installing lamps is not only a must, and it is a necessity. When remodeling or building your bathrooms, special caution should be exercised when installing bathroom lighting fixtures.  Installation of these bathroom light fixtures is used to be limited to just making a light ceiling in the attic.

But the appearance of interior bathroom decoration has made the process a little more engaging than that. Bathroom lighting fixtures can fix up your bathroom and reflect a bit of your personality in there. While, how long the average burn time of 48 inch bathroom light fixture? The lifetime of a 48 inch bathroom light fixture fluorescent, technically called a fluorescent lamp depends on its effect, design and application. A typical 48-inch fluorescent lamp will burn for approximately twenty thousand hours. If it usually lasts for less than three hours at a time. The same lamp, remaining 24 hours a day, will last about 34,000 hours.

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The economic life; while a 48 inch bathroom light fixture fluorescent burns on average for 20,000 to 34,000 hours. The quality of light flow decreases gradually over time. Only about sixty percent as of its actual burning time is the “economic life” of a fluorescent lamp. When the economic life of a lamp ceases, dimmer and losing color grow. And can be considered worthless, depending on its application. Conclusion; Even though the quality of a fluorescent lamp degrades in the last half of its life, it usually works at a slow pace. The real burn time of a 48 inch bathroom light fixture fluorescent lamp is about 20,000 to 34,000 hours. Depending on how long you usually leave it on.

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