The Led Navigation Lights

Feb 28th

Led navigation lights – Power are measured in watts and indicates consumption. Equivalence in watts, this is the equivalent power of an incandescent lamp with the same light production. Energy efficiency class, as in appliances, it is a visual way of knowing how efficient is. It is a reference of the amount of energy that transforms into light, and is indicated on a scale of 0 to 1. In the LED lights this value is usually high, above 0.7, which means that 70% of energy becomes light. Luminous flux or light emission reflects the amount of light that can produce measured in lumbermen. This feature is a good indicator of the quality of a LED as it can offer a large flow with little power.

Duration and operation is Indicates the number of hours that the led navigation lights will operate correctly. This number represents the number of times we can turn the light on / off before it begins to fail. The time that elapses until reaches 60% of its brightness. In the case of LED light is usually instantaneous. Maintenance factor it is the percentage of luminous flux that the manufacturer insures when the hours of life have passed in the established conditions. A figure of 0.7 is usually adequate. If we are going to use with a regulator, we must make sure that it is compatible and this is indicated by the manufacturer.

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Appearance is measured in degrees Kelvin and corresponds to the tone of light. The definition depends on each manufacturer and indicates the type of light that we obtain with a certain color temperature, in colloquial language. One of the strengths of led navigation lights and is related to the quality of light. It represents the reliability of light compared to natural light. It is indicated on a scale between 0 to 100 and the higher it is, the more light quality the LED light provides. Depending on the type of lighting we are looking for wider or more concentrated, this should be the case.

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