The History of Outdoor Led Christmas Lights

Mar 16th

Outdoor Led Christmas Lights – When you take the time to pay attention to the LED Christmas lights and observe the lighting we place around our outdoor areas during the festive moments, it might make you think how people in the past have been celebrating Christmas. No electricity or solar technology. No LED Christmas lights or rope lights to add atmosphere to festive gatherings and celebrations. What do people do to light up the festive Christmas tree, replacing modern fairy lights, putting candles in selective locations so that their decorations are flared by fire? This is quite dangerous compared to the operation of modern lighting strings. Burning a candle requires constant surveillance and the wind can extinguish the flame.

The cost of wax is high because electricity is not yet a discovery. The solar string lights have not been conceived. Tree lighting with candles is the only option available for wealthy families. Most people can only afford candles for practical use such as lighting their home. Outdoor led Christmas lights is common now but the primitive form of lighting is the luxury that is only available to the rich in the past. Candles are often fixed on branches and leaves of trees. As an alternative, pins are used to secure candles in place. Finally, the candle holder is actually coming. Lanterns and glass cover soon followed. Fire incidents are very common.

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In 1822 Edward Johnson turned on an electric Christmas light. The original model he created has about 80 light bulbs. Outdoor led Christmas lights today is much more impressive but at that time is a big problem. Fires became more common than in 1917 which led to the discovery of safety lights that could be used both inside and outside. The bulb consumes a lot of electricity so that this form of lighting remains available only for illuminated string lighting now. Over time, color variations and designs go into the market and smaller bulbs are used. Modern solar elf lights would have been much safer to use indoors and outdoors due to weather resistance. The smooth, small, elegant, and luminous solar elf lights remind us of fantasy or romantic starry nights.

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