The Advantages Of Using Pendant Lighting

Feb 27th

The Advantages Of Using Pendant Lighting – When it comes to jeweler, a pendant typically refers to the gem, charm or ornament that hangs from the length of a necklace. The pendant adds personality to the piece; a simple, nondescript band can turn into something more elegant, chic, ornate, weird or wonderful, depending on your choice of object to hang on it. In a way, pendant lighting for your home can be very much like a pendant on your necklace. It can be pretty as a precious jewel, and just like the sparkles on a beautiful gemstone, it can be a source of additional light and beautiful illumination. Versatile, functional and eye-catching, pendant lights can serve as utility fixtures as well as accent pieces to any room in your home.

With the use of pendant lighting, you can easily create the mood and texture of lighting that you prefer for any space. Unlike fixed light sources, this lighting system can be suspended over any area in the house, and can be relocated or repositioned with just a little adjustment. You can hang pendant lights from various heights-you can have them dangling from a high ceiling, or you could choose to have them closer to any part of the home you wish to be highlighted, such as a work area, a piece of artwork or a decorative vignette.

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Pendant lighting can be hung in pairs or in a chain-think of matte silver steel overhanging lights that are positioned above the line of a long kitchen island. It can be placed in clusters-you can put together a bunch of lanterns in varying sizes and colors, place them in a corner of a room, and you now have an elegant, luminous, gorgeous bouquet of light. Then again, you can simply hang a single, lone pendant in a strategic area where it can serve as a minimalist and practical lighting solution.

The focused, targeted light you get from pendant lighting fixtures is highly recommended to be used in working areas such as the home office, a reading corner, above the bathroom sink or the prep counter in the kitchen. Studies have shown how the lighting can impact the way people work, and it has been proven that adequate illumination can increase efficiency and productivity, reduce eyestrain, and help stall feelings of fatigue. You can choose the tone, warmth and wattage of your pendant bulbs to achieve the kind of lighting you’ll be most comfortable to work with.

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