Strobe Red Light Bulbs for Emergency

Mar 5th

Red Light Bulbs – The National Traffic Code prohibits the use of strobes or blenders in private cars. The fashion of some owners of private cars of the car with lights of all kinds can cause penalties, because the use of lights that are not part of the original equipment of the car can only be used in authorized vehicles. That way, strobe lights, blenders, luminous decorations and any light that can confuse other drivers cannot be used.

However, in this respect there is no established regulations regarding the size of lights, color or characteristics in general, according to the Center for Safety and Road Experimentation. For example, there is no rule that a blender should be, as in other countries, different for a police car than for an ambulance. Even as regards the lights of the private vehicles there is no clarity as to the color of the directional (if they must be orange or red), as well as the bottom of the brake lights (there are some pink, some red, some with LED red light bulbs, etc.), or the characteristics of the main lamps.

In the technical-mechanical review, what technicians look at is whether a lamp gives certain values of luminosity (measured in lumens) and whether both lights are oriented in the correct direction, according to preset parameters. As for the ┬┐stops┬┐ and the directional ones, does it only take into account that they work well and that they are not going to be pigmented or discolored in extreme?, explains Wilfredo Posada, expert of the diagnostic.

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Basically, what the authorities watch most closely is that a private car does not have light signals. From the exclusive use of authorized vehicles or lights that annoy other drivers, such as scouts in the back of the car. However, the red light bulbs flashing underneath the carriage to the floor, just to mention an example, pass by.

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