Street Led Pole Lights Modules

Mar 1st

Led pole lights – At present, the incorporation of new luminaries with modules of light-emitting diodes or LEDs for the street lighting of public roads is considered an adequate replacement alternative for traditional luminaries that are still installed and that continue to operate metal additive lamps. Sodium vapor in high pressure or vapor of mercury, so the engineer Gabriel Torres Aguilar, consultant in lighting, presents the following technical article. Public street lighting is a lighting system used for public areas with vehicular and pedestrian traffic that provides a comfortable view. Also visual acuity, quickness of perception and ability to visibility to drivers and pedestrians in streets. And also driveways, road shafts, primary roads, Roads, boulevards and highways.

Up to now, luminaries designed specifically for the operation of high-pressure gas discharge lamps (metal additives, sodium vapor or mercury) have been used in street lighting in most of the world’s lanes and luminaries have recently been developed to operate sources Artificial light of advanced technology. Such as LED modules. A module is integrated with 48 or 64 light-emitting diodes with a high luminous flux and each consists of a blue semiconductor chip with a yellow phosphor coating integrated inside an encapsulation with an independent optic made of acrylic Injection molding and an internal reflector with specular finish to control the addressing and distribution of the high emitted led pole lights intensity.

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The luminaries for public street lighting that operate a module of 48 LEDs with power of 90W or one of 64 light-emitting diodes with power of 110W are a suitable substitute alternative for the current luminaries. That still exists installed all over the world. And like the new designs of luminaries that already operate ceramic metal additive lamps, electromagnetic induction and recently plasma lamps, are new technologies in artificial light sources that allow obtaining significant savings in the consumption of electric energy by improving the characteristics of Efficiency. Also color performance index, average life, color temperature or depreciation of the led pole lights flux with respect to the current metal additive lamps and mercury vapor with powers of 175 and 250W. And sodium vapor in high pressure with powers of 150 and 250W.

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