Spectacular Led Stage Lighting Effect

Mar 3rd

Led stage lighting – This work often seems insignificant, and is hardly recognized in a theatrical production. The lighting provides a different context, giving a touch of magic to the performers and the show through color for example. In the theater, color is the strongest weapon of the illuminator. The color in the lights is obtained through plastics called “Gels” that are placed in front of the lights. This allows the light to be transformed into any desired color. Lighting designers plan lighting themes for their productions by carefully entering into each work or playlist, to capture the meaning of the overall theme. They record the most important elements of lighting from scene to scene from a technical point of view, as well as noting the appropriate emotions, colors and combinations that should be highlighted.

The designer chooses an assortment of specific gels for each production, noting the locations, set colors and instructions in a detailed picture or project called “light plane”.  The use of color in led stage lighting is something valuable in a theatrical production or in a concert, as it provides the visual aspect and the meaning of the whole production. For example, if a tragedy uses darker and darker tones of the color palette of lights, and while it is a cheerful comedy or a musical one usually use brighter and flat lighting, softer colors and less contrasts. Each production offers thousands of different color combinations and strategies.

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Colored led stage lighting are also an important way of representing the time or season of production. Example, the use of soft yellow jets helps the public to believe that the play takes place on a midsummer morning. Deep and dark blue and silver may indicate that the action takes place on a midsummer night. Meanwhile, specks of red, orange, yellow and brown can alert the public that the action takes place on a beautiful fall day.

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