Solar Landscape Lights

Oct 10th

Landscape lights help you to excel and light your garden and walkways at night. Like other types of outdoor lighting, which include low voltage landscape lights, halogen lamps and common landscape lights, solar landscape lights have advantages and disadvantages. Compare the pros and cons of solar landscape lights to determine if they will work for you.

Landscape Lights Three
Landscape Lights Three

Advantages: renewable resource

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Solar landscape lights use energy from the sun, which is a renewable source. As long as the sun is up, especially during bright sunny days, your sun’s light will have the energy they need to light up. You do not need to run electric cables for solar landscaping lights, and there is no need for a junction box or circuit connections. The sun’s light has stakes that you simply drift into the ground. You do not need to dig holes or ditches to conceal electrical wires or cables.

Advantages: cheap in operation

The energy that comes from the sun is free; therefore, you do not have to pay anything to keep your sun’s light running. The long lasting LED can lower your costs of replacing the light. You may need to change backup battery that stores additional energy in some models. Rechargeable batteries to reduce this cost. Solar landscape lights only work in areas where the sun can reach. You cannot expect sunlight to shine under a shady tree. Finding a place has no barriers to making your sun lying lights work.

Cons: Expensive Upfront Cost

A single input solar lamp is usually more expensive than ordinary or low-voltage landscaping. The cost can be added if you have larger areas to light up. Larger landscape projects may require larger separate solar panels, which can be expensive to buy. Unlike low voltage or other landscape lights powered by electricity, the sun’s light does not need to light long, especially if they do not have a lot of stored energy. A fully charged sunlight can last for up to eight hours while low voltage lights light up until you turn them off. The sun’s light needs a sunny day to load properly. The sun’s light will not get enough power for a full charge on cloudy or dark, rainy days.

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