Plant Light Bulbs Ideas

Mar 4th

Plant Light Bulbs Ideas – As if it were a small greenhouse, you can create a her-barium in a luminaire. Just choose the right substrate, find the plants that will survive and keep it with a little care. Permission to imagine is immense and has few barriers. You just have to find a way to put it into practice. For example, creating a plant in light bulbs

To creating plant light bulbs you need a light bulb, pliers, screwdriver, goggles and tweezers. Glasses are required because it is easy to have an accident and to skip the glass. With the pliers remove the cover from the socket and the screwdriver allows to remove the parts. The plants will be placed with pliers. Before you start, you have to place some pieces in the light bulb to support it. If soil is used, moisture will accumulate and the plants will rot. In case of taking sand from the beach, it must be dried in the oven beforehand. It is better to buy it directly in the nursery.

Never take moss from the field to plant light bulbs. Besides, in this case it would be a disaster, because it would not survive in this environment. If you buy dried or lyophilized moss that, while no longer alive, continues to absorb moisture. The best option is small plants of the tilansias family. These are species that have little root, because they are epiphytes and take the water and nutrients from the environment through their leaves. Some even bloom. Not the sun or the shade. In a bright space it will prosper well. To water, spray the set with water once a week.

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Carefully. To separate the ‘lid’ for plant light bulbs, take pliers and lift slowly. Once opened, it will cost to remove the rest of black piece of debris, but you can. Emptying. It is advisable to have protective glasses in case a crest jumps. With the screwdriver, you have to take the piece and pull it out. The substrate. It is best to buy sand in a nursery. Never ground because there will be too much moisture. The sand will keep the her-barium dry. Moss . You have to buy dried or lyophilized moss. The natural will not survive, but the dried out will take all excess moisture from the set. Plants. The best are the tilansias or ‘carnations of air’, has little roots and take the substrate of the environment. Also, they need little water. Bullshit! There is our little garden. To take care of it, you have to put it in Semi-shade (never in the direct sun) and spray water with a spray every seven days.

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