Outdoor Led Track Lighting

Mar 7th

Led Track Lighting – The installation is a paddle track that required a new lighting, which given the advantages of LED lighting for sports courts, we chose this system because at the level of energy efficient LED facilities are the best. In Renewable Technical Consulting we have studied how to improve energy efficiency in sports facilities where it is frequently practiced at night. One of these sports is the Paddle. Many practitioners of these sports use the clues at the end of the workday or academic when there is no sunlight. This represents significant energy consumption.

The improvement of energy efficiency in the led track lighting of sports tracks, such as Paddle has to achieve a standardized lighting level and consume the lowest possible amount of energy. After studying the available lighting technologies, RTC has selected LED fixtures of the best quality and dimmable with electronic set point. The LED technology allows you to accurately meter the amount of electrical energy needed to illuminate the tracks in each situation. It also allows the operator of the tracks to charge different rates depending on the level of lighting required. The advanced LED technology also improves the control of the installations, since the lighting of the led track lighting will be at its minimum level, in the state of tracks inactive during the night time and will only be put to levels of game lighting during the time in which the Track is activated.

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If the circuits work properly, the acrylics or crystals are placed and a second electronic test is performed. Subsequently, the programming phase is carried out and the corresponding electronic tests are carried out. The process ends with the packing and finishing off the led track lighting, in which materials such as glass, acrylic, aluminum or wood are handled. The contour is usually of cloth and to cover this part is used skirt or curtain. The number of modules varies according to the size of the track, which can have varying dimensions thanks to the easily assembled parts

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