Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures

Mar 1st

Oil Rubbed Bronze Bathroom Light Fixtures – Everything is in the detail when it comes to lighting your bathroom. All bathroom lighting fixtures can add to the atmosphere of the room through its design and fine points, but the vanity lights serve a dual function as they enhance the decor of the room and provide the right amount of light for the Grooming and applying makeup. If you have changed the decor of your bathroom or decided that you need to shed more light on a bathroom or vanity area, installing a vanity lighting fixture is something you can easily cope with. Turn off the power by moving the switch to the off position.

Remove the old oil rubbed bronze bathroom light fixtures by loosening the mounting plate (the plate can be seen that the appliance is mounted to the wall) and remove the wire nuts (the colored plastic caps holding the cables together) by turning to the left. Separate cables. Hot (black), neutral (white) and earth (green or exposed copper). Test the cables in the outlet box (the box the appliance was mounted to the wall) with a circuit tester first to make sure the power is off. Attach the mounting bracket (one length of metal with one round hole in the center and one horizontal opening on each side), replacing the old one with a new one. Install the new mounting bracket directly to the existing outlet box using the supplied screws.

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If your device is connected by a center bolt to its outlet box instead of a mounting bracket, use the adapter and the nipple is supplied with the new accessory. Attach the adapter to the mounting bracket, the nipple to the adapter and then the attachment to the nozzle. Connect the cables according to the diagram of the instructions that come with the new oil rubbed bronze bathroom light fixtures. Attach using the long screws provided in the kit, adjusting the position of the fastening device as required. Put in the correct bulb, turn the circuit again and test its light.

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