Led Christmas Lights Are They Really the Only Choice for Saving Energy

Mar 4th

Led Christmas Lights – Did you notice last year? The LED tree lights, the latest entry in an eco-friendly Christmas decoration, actually fly off the shelf. Overall sales of LEDs are reported to arrive – are you sitting? – A staggering $ 7.4 billion in 2009. These include LED ice lights, LED Christmas tree lights and other types of household LED lighting. But are the Christmas LED lights really their eco winners already cracked? Like “organic” and “100% natural,” “green” is an elastic concept. And there must be an eco-friendly alternative to LED Christmas lights, but more than that in a minute.

One thing is certain: led Christmas lights it uses less energy than a regular incandescent Christmas light. So compared to the big Christmas lights and even the miniature Christmas lights you might have faced, LEDs are a better choice from an energy standpoint. In addition, they make sense for Christmas lighting outdoors, because they do not require care and have a long life. Another thing to be sure too: LED lighting is here to stay. It has a market appeal, and the industry is promoting it with enthusiasm. For example, one of the major building supply chains has just launched your old Christmas light-recycling campaign, offering discounts on LED Christmas tree lights for every incandescent chain of incoming customers. With this kind of jumps at the start of the season, sales will go down the charts this year.

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Do led Christmas lights fit the granola lifestyle? Although they attract less energy, this will be a great stretch to call the LED Christmas tree and LED tree lights are a natural product. LED light cables are made of oil-based plastic (as are all lamp cables of late). And the LED bulb itself is wrapped in epoxy, a super-hardened chemical polymer. Although epoxy is widely used in some products, epoxy resins contain Bisphenol A, a harmful substance that has been banned from some consumer goods. Some buyers try to keep their living space free of chemical based products including building supplies, wood finishes, home textiles, carpets, work surfaces.

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