Kitchen Table Lighting Ideas in Some Options

Mar 1st

Kitchen Table Lighting – Are you thinking about how you are going to light up your kitchen? Do you want to combine functionality and design? Here are some secrets that can help you.Kitchens are spaces created primarily for work. Good lighting of the kitchen is essential to perform well our daily culinary tasks.Today the kitchens not only serve to cook, they are also meeting areas, social gatherings, work, step and, of course, meals. Let’s look at some tips to better illuminate these areas inside the kitchen.

Kitchen table lightingfrom the ceiling remains the most common and the most accurate for most cases.A very widespread option for ceilings is to use “down lights”, which can be recessed when we have a false ceiling, or “surface” in all other cases.We can opt for apparatuses that work with lamps of low consumption or to resort to LEDs. In both cases the exterior appearance will be the same, but the energy expenditure of the LEDs has the advantage of being reduced compared to the low-energy bulbs.

The down lights are usually circular, square or rectangular, and although they all illuminate the same, from here we advise you to opt for the circular ones since its installation is simpler and always they are aligned, something that does not always happen with the squares.If our false ceiling is shallow, then it is likely that our only option is the LED down light, since they are much finer as can be seen in the picture above.

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The next countertop kitchen table lighting. It is the work surface most used in kitchens and it is where we usually find the hobs and the sink.It is very useful to be able to light the hob from the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. This solution is the most successful since we get a lightless surface without shadows, unlike what happens when the light comes from the ceiling, which prevents proper lighting of this area.

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