Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Installation

Mar 5th

kitchen cabinet lighting – If you are comfortable and have some knowledge about electrical wiring, then proceed and connect your lighting to your home’s power source. This requires that you drill through your wall or floor to access a power source, such as a luminaire, in the basement or pulling a new circuit to your lighting area. If you are not comfortable with wires, then install lights such as fluorescent lamps that fit an existing power source, such as a wall outlet. An option is simple installation to install your lights and a transformer.

Install Lighting with a transformer

Install the kitchen cabinet lighting closest to your cabinets. Remove the ring and lens from your fixtures, and screws to attach to the bottom of your cabinet, according to Better Homes and Garden. Place the onions so they meet in the same direction. Drill small holes in your cabinet to allow your threads to pass into the cabinet to conceal the cables. Place your power block in your cabinet and then connect the cable ends into a power block. A power block connects up to three lights to a low voltage transformer.

To avoid dirty cables on the outside, wrap your cables inside your kitchen cabinet lighting. To hide the cables from your transformer to your power supply, drill holes under your cabinet and drive the wire from your transformer to your power supply or contact, and then connect the power block to the transformer. Once installed of kitchen cabinet lighting, replace the lens cover on the reflector ring of your fixture. Your switch works on battery power, requires no wiring and allows you to turn your lights on and off with a twist of the gear. Place a battery in your switch housing and install it somewhere in the kitchen simply by screwing it into the wall.

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