Installing Recessed Ceiling Lights

Mar 5th

Recessed ceiling lights – False ceilings or suspended ceilings are generally used as an end ceiling in home cellars and cinemas. The recessed lighting installation has become a popular choice for lighting rooms with a false ceiling. If this installation is already on the roof, you must meet the electrical requirements of the lights and additional support required for each recessed lamp. Determine the location of the recessed lighting. Use the graph paper to make a room-wide drawing and keep track of each piece of light that is embedded in the drawing. Remove a plate from the false ceiling and measure the distance between the roof and the floor joists of the grid, multiplying the distance by four. Each luminary requires four additional bases. Multiplying by four will give you a rough idea of ​​the amount of suspension cables required for each recessed light.

Remove the cover plate from each recessed ceiling lights compartment. Extend the cable on each subject or hire an electrician if you are not experienced in power. Screw four metal clips from the suspension to the floor joists above the ceiling tile where the light is. On each side, two clamps are required, which are 7 inches from the center of the recessed luminous compartment.

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Installing recessed ceiling lights, cut the suspension cable to the distance between the mounting bracket and the T’s main rod plus 24 inches. An additional 6 inches for an upper envelope and 18 inches for the bottom envelope are required to properly secure the suspension cables. Place a 90 degree elbow at one end of each wire with universal clamp. Run the curved end of the cable through the cable hook. Fold the cable and the length of the cable depends on the ceiling grid. Tie the two pieces of wire with universal clamp and turn right three or four times to lock the cables together. Secure all cables to the clips.

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