Installing Led Under Cabinet Lighting

Mar 3rd

Led under cabinet lighting – Light fixtures are much like floor or table lamps, they hold bulbs and contain controls to turn light on or off in your home. Because fixtures attach directly to a wall or other solid object, they are ideal for places where lamps are ineffective, as under cabinets. While large fluorescent lamps generally have grounded wires to be connected directly to an electric fixture, small fluorescent fixtures come fitting most cabinets with a standard electrical cord. Make sure that an electrical outlet is nearby so that you can connect to the luminary.

Remove bulb from the fluorescent light fixture and remove the cover that conceals the internal wires and ballast. There are typically two screws that hold this cover. Inside the wiring space there are generally two slotted screw holes for mounting. Hold the lamp up to the led under cabinet lighting where you want to attach it. Place the luminary so that the holes for screws are more than an inch from the edge of a cabinet, if it is possible to provide more room for the screws and avoid the damper to the cabinet. Open the cabinet doors and measure the height of the lower cabinet shelf. Select screws that are shorter than this measurement. If you use longer screws, tips of the screws can come up through the bottom of the cabinet when attaching that lamp from below.

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Keep the luminary back led under cabinet lighting. Drive the screws in the luminary are screw holes with a drill to secure the fluorescent light fixture to the bottom of the cabinet. Reinstall wires front, plug the power cord into the socket on the side of the luminary. Do not energize the luminary at this point by connecting the cord to a wall outlet. Put a fluorescent light bulb in the luminary. Put that lamp in a wall outlet. Screw small hooks into the bottom of the cabinet. Fold the cord around the hooks to prevent it from dangling.

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