Installing LED Fog Light Bulbs in the Car

Feb 28th

LED Fog Light Bulbs – This is not the first time we talk about lighting systems. Relatively little we talked about our explanatory comparative between LED, xenon, LED laser and halogen and as you could see, there are tastes for everything. One of the most common questions when we talk about lighting is very simple, can I improve the lighting of my car in any way? Indeed, there is everything for everyone in the aftermarket. We can find xenon kits, LED car lights, or better halogen bulbs than our cars can carry as standard.

Since the LED is in vogue and since most of the questions have to do with the new LED replacement bulbs, we will see if it really matters and if indeed, we can install them in our vehicle. Many of the drivers who today seek to improve the aesthetics of their vehicle or the lighting of it are finally opted for LED fog light bulbs. The latest models in the market and in particular, the high-end models make use of LEDs and leave the incandescent bulbs for the memory. The reason is simple, where some see aesthetics, others see security and durability.

The main reason why manufacturers install LED systems is by the durability, the aesthetics and of course, the security they offer. It is a system that allows us to create light signatures with greater ease. In addition to this, the temperature of the LED fog light bulbs is minimal and therefore the space that the headlamp must occupy is considerably smaller than that of a conventional headlamp. In the case of a filament bulb, touching the brake pedal of our vehicle closes an electric switch that sends an electric current through the brake lights. The tungsten filaments heat up, and about a tenth of a second later, the brake lights come on, in the case of the LED, the activation times disappear.

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