Installing Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures

Feb 26th

Bathroom ceiling light fixtures – Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or remodeling an old one, choose a light that fits the available space and match the color and style of the bathroom. When installing the ceiling light, an assistant has with you to help keep the light up while attaching the wires. Take your time with the project, as there is an element of danger to work with electrical wiring.


Turn off the power to the bathroom ceiling light fixtures and remove the screws in the old fitting hood piece that touches the ceiling. Loosen the screws that connect the luminaire s rib to the electric box in the ceiling and lower the old luminaire from the ceiling. Use a contact-free voltage gauge over each wire in the cabinet to ensure all electricity until the bathroom is turned off. Turn the thread nuts counterclockwise to remove them, remove the old faucet all the time.

Turn the power back to the bathroom ceiling light fixtures and use the non-contact voltage gauge to make sure there is electricity going to the colored or hot wire in the cabinet. Press both the hot wire and metal case or ground wire with cables in a neon voltage tester. If the lamp on the tester lights up, you can continue with the installation of light; otherwise call a qualified electrician install a soil in the box.

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Turn the power to the bathroom ceiling light fixtures and attach the strap to the new light cap play. Screw the rib into the holes in the cabinet, secure it to the ceiling. Wrap the neutral wires from the box and luminaire together with a steel nut, and secure the hot wires with another thread nut. Twist the ground wire around the box earth screw clockwise several times. Tuck the cables into the hood, and then attach the fitting cap to the ceiling, with screws. Install any covers and bulbs needed in the new luminaire, and then turn the electricity to the bathroom again at the breaker box.

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