Ideas Interior Led Light Bulbs

Mar 6th

Led Light Bulbs – With the light on or off? Better with regulated light! There are many situations in which we would like to have a specific type of light in a room, either to create an environment or for the needs of the activity that we are doing, but do you know how to install an adjustable LED light bulb? In addition to the advantages already discussed in this blog, LED lighting is getting products that are made with this technology have the same qualities as the lighting solutions that precede them. So even if we have a modern LED light bulb, it will be difficult to obtain good results with old installations, as it has completely changed the power/consumption ratio.

As we already know our electrical installation works with AC current at 220V and it is our different devices and devices that use a transformer to convert it into direct current to adapt it to its operating voltage. If the current arriving at our led bulb was alternating and we wanted to regulate its intensity, we would find the problem that when the intensity goes down the led light bulbs will flash. We already have an installation without transformer and we have our LED light bulb adjustable, the next aspect to consider is the type of current regulator that we are going to use. There are two types, magnetic and pulsed.

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The latter is not designed to work with LED bulbs, being in many cases guilty of fusing the internal driver of our bulb. Let’s think that we want to take advantage of an installation with a dimmer for halogen bulbs and replace them with dimmable LED bulbs. The average consumption of a halogen lamp is over 50w, so an installation with 5 of these lamps would require a regulator of at least 300w. In short, to carry out an installation with adjustable led light bulbs, we need the current with which our light bulb works to be continuous.

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