Ideas for Decorating with Hanging Light Bulbs

Mar 3rd

Hanging light bulbs – What do you need to create this decoration? As we will see in the rest of the article, there are many ways to design hanging light bulbs decoration. But the simplest will be that in which you only need a light bulb and the bulb holder with its rope. Nothing else. Of course, there are many models of bulbs and strings to choose from, and that’s where your creativity comes in. In the bedroom; a place where these light bulbs are left hanging is in the bedroom. You can place one on the table. Above the headboard or in the middle of the room.

With a more industrial or Scandinavian touch, you just have to choose the color and material of the rope. What will be the lamp holder and bulb, more or less large? To choose among the different types of hanging light bulbs that we will notice, first and ask said before, in its technical characteristics and how it will help us to adequately illuminate the room. And, second, in its design and finish; they can be balloon type, pear type or with a retro aesthetic as imitation of the old filament. Where can you put hanging light bulbs?

We have already seen that these bulbs look great in bedrooms. Likewise, you can put them on the dining table, on the island of the kitchen. If you have, in a hallway with high ceilings, in the area of ​​the sofa in the living room. Attach several hanging light bulbs? Ok. Another idea is to place more than one hanging light bulb in one place. They can be the same size or colors. Or you can play with different models and shapes, even with cables of various shades. If you put many, it is very cool to leave the cables at different heights. These to create a composition that helps to decorate.

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