How to Make Tail Light Bulb

Mar 2nd

Tail light bulb consists of several lamps connected in line to form a decorative effect. You can use them for holidays, parties, or when you just want to light up your living space. Make electric string lights yourself and you can choose multiple colors or just a shade. You can make the strings as long or as short as you like, and when your friends or family members will visit, you can proudly tell me that electric strings shine on your own.


Select where you want to place your tail light bulb and then use a tape measure to calculate how long you want them to be. The lights will be connected in a string; one end of the wire is connected to a battery pole and the opposite end of the wire connects to the other battery pole. Cut a strip of AWG 18 single-stranded wire lengths you measured for your electric string light, with a small knife. Add about 4 feet to the amount you measure to allow the wire to connect to the battery.

Determine how many lights you want to wire in your tail light bulb. This step is important; wiring in series means you need to get the right number of lamps at the right voltage to match your battery. Alternatively buy a battery whose voltage matches the total voltage of the lights in your string. For example, if you are using an old 12V battery car battery, you can use six 2-volt lamps in the string and the lights will be bright. But if you want a dimmer light, then you can use 12 2 volts.

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Put a mark on the thread 2 feet from each end. The two-foot strips will not have any light. Divide the remaining thread through the number of lights you wrap, and then mark the thread on the same internal. For example, if the distance between the first two characters is 5 feet and you have 10 lights, place a mark on the cable every 6 inches. Use a knife and cut the thread of the places you have selected. With the example in the previous step, if you wiring 10 lights when you finish nine 6-inch bands and two 2-meter strips.

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