Halloween Pumpkin with Disco Light Bulb

Mar 17th

Disco Light Bulb – There is no party that boasts without a disco ball. And if we are talking about throwing a party on Halloween night, it seems almost logical that we should turn a pumpkin into our disco ball, something much easier than it may seem in a beginning.

The materials we are going to need will be, in addition to the pumpkin, a sharp knife, a large spoon (to empty the pumpkin), cords and a punch, screwdriver or drill, any of the three will be worth. For the light from inside we can use a battery operated disco light bulb, if possible with a flicker function, to give more disco effect.

We begin by removing the top of the pumpkin, making a careful cut with the knife. Then we empty the contents of the pumpkin, wash it so that there are no remains that can be damaged and dry it. The next step is to drill the holes through which the light will come out. For this we can use a punch, a screwdriver or, easier, a drill with a drill bit, as advised in City Mouse. Do not forget to make some holes in the lid.

To hang the pumpkin on the roof the easiest thing is to use some cords. We pass one end of the cord through a hole and then we make a very fat knot, so that it does not come out. We do the same on the opposite side and repeat the operation with another cord, so that we have two “handles” that cross. To hang it on the ceiling and to rotate, it is best to attach it to a hook on the ceiling with a third strand.

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Finally, we can only place a light inside. It can be worth a normal flashlight, a battery operated LED disco light bulb or some type of flashlight with flicker function. We could even put the mobile with the flash on in flashlight mode, although then you could not take pictures of how well the party has been decorated.

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