Functionality and Beauty of Wood Pendant Light

Mar 1st

Wood pendant light – Suspended or suspended lamps are a solution in innovative lighting, beautiful and functional that for its versatility you can place it in any space of your house. Here are four ideas you can start with. A lamp suspended as general illumination in a work area or study: here we achieve the ideal combination of functionality and beauty. A suspended in the middle of a room is more than an ornament; it is the perfect finishing touch. In your living room, a hanging lamp gives you ambient light and, if you have a screen, diffused light will help you create dramatic effects. It decorates, illuminates and produces effects with suspended.

In your dining room, a wood pendant light will help you to see your food better – from sight, love is born, say -, enhance their colors and make them seem more palatable. A suspended with a bulb less than 100 watts creates a cozy and attractive space: this facilitates you to comfortably extend your desserts. The table is a changing stage, the service is adapted to the food and the light completes this scenery and embellishes it. An alternative is to locate several smaller luminaries distributed longitudinally, the same or different, at a different height, creating volume and perspective. In short, the pendants allow us to define the dining area and at the same time obtain the best scenery to enjoy the dining experience.

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The wood pendant light allows to give the room a different touch, can be original or classic, a very warm light or another a little more natural, even its location and height with respect to the table can make the stay look different.  In your bedroom, hanging lamps can be used as night lamps, spot lights, on the sides of your bed. You can also place them on your bed as a general illumination of your room, but consider placing those 15 cm above your head – for this measure you must be on your knees in your bed.

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