Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Mar 2nd

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs – Visible light is merely a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It usually refers to radiation between infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. Natural white light (sunlight) consists of all visible wavelengths. This does not mean that all wavelengths are present with equal intensity, it only means that the light is not colored–all colors or wavelengths are present in the spectrum. White or full-spectrum light usually has the same meaning.

Full spectrum light bulbs are not technical because it is not something we can measure or precisely define. It is more a marketing phrase that labels bulbs which reproduce natural light. Light from bulbs with such label is only less “colored” than from ordinary bulbs. This means that almost all visible wavelengths are present in the spectrum and therefore the light is similar to natural sunlight. Because of uneven spectral distribution some wavelengths or colors are present with higher intensity but this does not affect the final appearance.

Full spectrum light bulbs are used a lot in art. They are used by artists who work in studios at night or in places where there is no access to north sunlight. Use of these special lights helps the artist make sure that the colors appear as they will when the works are displayed in a home or an art gallery. They are also used by scientists or for color-matching in paint stores where north sunlight is unavailable.

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In medicine, full spectrum light bulbs are used in treatment of SAD,(Seasonal Affective Disorder), by use of ”light boxes” which mimic sunlight during winter. Doctors have recognized that light is a natural stimulus for regulating circadian cycles. Attempts have been made to independently verify the efficacy of using full spectrum light bulbs in various places. Utility companies, government agencies and experts have come together under the umbrella of the National Lighting Product Information Program (NLPIP), to conduct this research. Their research findings do not find full spectrum light bulbs to hold any advantages over other lighting systems.

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