Fantastic Ideas for Wooden Ceiling Lights

Mar 5th

Ceiling lights – There are many types of ceilings. High, low, sloping, triangular, straight, detachable, etc. Depending on the tastes and needs we each have, and the atmosphere we want to give our rooms. For example, high ceilings give us a fresh and spacious environment; The sloping ceilings create an atmosphere more person, and a picture like of private den, and the triangular ceilings give the rooms a more rustic and homely image. But there are some special ceilings, which are preferred by many: wooden ceilings. The use of beams on the wooden ceilings gives them a more rustic and traditional look. They can be used in a linear, parallel, or simply to highlight the roof structure.

But no matter what their direction and size, we can use the segments they create to give different ceiling lights to the rooms. We can play with lighting by installing lamps in a discontinuous way in each of the segments. If they are linear, as in this example, we can also play with the directionality of them; if they are segments with geometric figures like squares or triangles, we can place the lamps in the center of the figure, and create a chessboard with areas of light and shadow on our roof.

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The modern design has incorporated the reflectors to the ceiling lights. The result: well-lit rooms with a warm atmosphere. This type of lamps, because of their large size, and industrial appearance, combine perfect with the wooden ceilings, by a rough appearance. In this case, it is best to divide the room into three or four segments, which will be defined by the structure itself and the design of the room, and to place the reflectors in the segments of the bank, in the opposite direction, to better illuminate the Center of the room.

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