Do It Yourself: Decorative the Old Light Bulbs

Mar 6th

Light bulbs – You know when you get a good idea? When you get light bulbs over your head and jump out of the bathtub while shouting “Eureka!” Okay, that was not all that way. However, it felt a bit like that, when I used to use the old glowing curtain on other occasions. Due to poor energy efficiency, the glow pan is on its way to being phased out. Here’s a tip for what you can use the old glow pie. Do not feel like creating these with savings bulbs. Now you need: an old light bulb that does not light anymore, an old pearl necklace.

Also steel wire, ribbon, knife, needle and pliers. Here’s how to do decorative the old light bulbs: Remove the small metal knob on the top with a pinch. Use the needle to remove the black dings on top. This is made of glass and breaks into tiny pieces. Cut off the top of the metal socket to get the rest of the food. Do not cut down so far that you do not have anything to hang in. Get the rest of the food. Scraped the joint first and then crushed the glass carefully. After that pulled out the food with pliers. Be patient and careful. It takes some time.

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Make a hole on each side of the metal socket. Cut the old gem of a pearl. Twist the steel wire and wood on the beads. Attach the steel wire with beads to the holes in the metal. Attach the bands around the metal. Fill in water and flowers. Remember to deliver the feed to the recycling station. They should not be left in waste or glass / metal. Even regular light bulbs have pollutants like lead. And your new decorative old light bulbs are more beautiful now.

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