Decorate Christmas Lights in Bedroom

Mar 1st

Christmas lights in bedroom attract decorating bugs as you cover the outside and inside areas of your home with strings of light. But you can decorate a bedroom all year long with holiday lights for a bright, festive touch suitable for all seasons. Lighting is available in several different forms, such as incandescent lamps, rope lights, ice cubes and LEDs. Lighting is also available in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, green, white, and purple and gold to create a variety of moods and effects in the bedroom decor.


Connect Christmas lights in bedroom first to test them. Replace light bulbs that have burned out. Connect a string of light before you begin decorating with it so that you can see the effect when working.  Place a string of light around the perimeter of each bedroom window. Tape the cable in place was 3 inches. For a different look, tape hanging icing lights over the tops of the windows, making the lights dangle in the window as an illuminated Valance or panel.

Drive rope light along the perimeter of the roof. Tie them in place or use hooks large enough to accommodate rope light. Bring Christmas lights in bedroom down the corners of the room. Place the rope lights around the mirrors and along the edges of shelves for extra reflection and shine. If you do not want the band to show, use transparent tape instead. Hooks also work together shelf or window edges.

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Incorporate lights with greenery throughout the room. Mix icicles with ivy, wind blinking lights around stems of a potted palm or bamboo plant or festoon branches in a focus tree with lights in a stunning color, like purple. Stitch lengths of tulle so they hang down the sides of a doorway. Pull back the tulle by wrapping it with strings of twinkle light. Or combine tulle and Christmas lights in bedroom to create a swap over a window or bed.

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