Create Dramatic Outdoor Landscape Led Lighting Kits

Mar 1st

Landscape led lighting kits – A few rules about the up-light? Ensure that the focus is well blocked from viewing angles. No one will thank you for your accent plant if you are blinded in the process of seeing it. Also make sure that the light illuminates the object, not the background or the environment. Remember, with accent lighting, you want your pop target and it requires isolating it from your surroundings. More indulgent when it comes to statues is lighting at an angle or sideways. Using this technique allows you to create dramatic shadows on statues or draw texture on other objects. Side lighting is a great way to give depth to a textured wall, for example. Again, if you are trying to accent a single object, avoid spilling light into an unwanted environment.

An example of what not when it comes to landscape led lighting kits is incorrectly-lighting-shaped human statues. Beginners often make the mistake of planting their lamp near the base of a statue and pointing upwards. In an effort to get as much of the illuminated statue as possible, they point to light at a vertical, extreme angle. Why is it so bad? Grab a flashlight and stand in front of a mirror in a dark room. Now hold the light on the chest with the bulb up in the face and turn it on again. You have just recreated the classic monster movie look. That’s not what you want for your statue.

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Down or spot lighting, is another good technique but requires a conscious knowledge of the placement of the artifact. Spot lights mounted on the eaves of a house can create pools of light around rest areas or to bathe a central element in a beam of landscape led lighting kits. Are great to overcome the challenges of distance, in a peak mounted light might not be advisable or safe.

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