Choosing Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Mar 7th

Bedroom lighting ideas can be problematic. Many rooms have only one faucet in the center of the ceiling. Two, maybe four, small light bulbs to brighten up a room in your home that’s your retreat, your place of relaxation. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to improve the lighting in the bedroom.


Replace your lights with all low wattle frosted or soft bulbs. Not only with these lights, you save money on your electricity bill, but you will also be able to enjoy a softer light. This will help you eliminate dark, heavy shadows in your bedroom. Bedroom lighting ideas gives you control over where your light goes. Move the globe to illuminate certain areas and to darken other areas. Use them to accentuate wall art or collections you have on the display.

Recessed lighting

Install bedroom lighting ideas to free up valuable space that is better for other than table or floor lamps. Placing the lights on the ceiling makes your roof look further by the eyes up and helps create an illusion of space. Replace your standard power switch with dimmer switches. This allows you better control over your lighting. Dimmer can add a sense of romance to the bedrooms. They are also useful in the bedrooms for children who are a little afraid of the darkness, because the light can be dimmed so it’s dark enough to sleep, but not so dark that the child gets scared…

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Use mirrors in your bedroom to reflect the light in the room. Reflective light is sometimes the only option if a bedroom has only ceiling light and limited electrical outlets. Place the mirrors in areas where they will reflect the light from your lights or track lighting. Your bedroom should be one of the most relaxing areas in your home, and you can accomplish this by adding the right lighting to the space. Lighting is used for different purposes in the bedroom, and can make furniture in the room look good as well.

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