Ceiling Fan Light Kit Install Ideas

Mar 4th

Ceiling fan light kit – Ceiling fans are a good choice for cooling our space and saving energy compared to an air conditioner. These give us ventilation, lighting and bring a beautiful aesthetic to our home. You will find different models and prices. There are many ways to try to get as low as possible during the summer. For those who do not like air conditioning, they can not install it in their home or can not afford it, a good option may be the ceiling fan. Its installation is simple and we can do it ourselves, so today we explain how to install a ceiling fan.

Before starting the ceiling fan light kit installation, turn off the power supply of your home, locate the light spot where the fan will go and remove the lighting device already installed. To do this use a ladder and a screwdriver, do this until you have free the point of light and its cables. Now unscrew and disassemble the fan bracket to screw it to the ceiling, if the bracket is bigger than the light point we must drill the ceiling and place the billets for proper installation.

With the support installed on the ceiling, place the base of the fan and make the electrical connections that are normally this way. The 2 phase conductors of the fan are attached to the phase of the ceiling (black, brown or gray cables), we join the neutral conductor of the ceiling fan light kit (blue wires) and if we have earth conductors, we connect them in the same way (green and yellow wires). To attach the cables you will need to peel them and use the insulation tape or cable nuts. Finally, tighten and screw the blades on the fan base, so it is important that you check the correct side of the blades correctly. Remember to consult the instructions of the product itself.

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