Beautiful and Safety Solar Landscape Lighting

Mar 2nd

Solar landscape lighting – Taking into account that for exterior lighting of your home you do not need much power, it is best to install a low voltage lighting system. There is much difference between 120 volts that are commonly used in homes and 12 volts minimum voltage, something that outdoors also translates into greater safety and efficiency (more light per watt of power), plus a lifetime Longer for your bulbs. Only initial disadvantage of using this system is that you need to adapt wiring and electrical connection of your home to garden accessories by using a transformer to reduce 120 volts from start to finish 12.

However, once installation is done (which does not involve too much complexity), all are advantages. In addition to being a safe system against a possible cable cut, low voltage allows you to save energy by automating operation of transformers, switching on and off lights while creating striking and colorful lighting effects by being able to carry wiring by places that would otherwise pose an unnecessary risk such as, for example, grass, shrubs or flower beds. In contrast to low-voltage lighting systems, solar landscape lighting for gardens has advantage that they are much easier to install, since in this case no electrical connection or wiring is required.

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Lights are provided with small panels that collect sunlight and store that energy in batteries to work cleanly and ecologically, with economic savings this means for you. With solar lights you work more freely both in installation and in layout of your garden lights. Just choose a location and place them where you like, with only requirement to make sure they are in a place where they receive amount of sunlight recommended by manufacturer for batteries to fully charge, so that lights can operate efficiently. And so far this post with ideas for exterior lighting of your garden. And you, what kind of solar landscape lighting do you use in exteriors of your house?

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