All about Outdoor Solar Lights

Mar 1st

Outdoor solar lights – A professionally lit outdoor area is the best advertisement for your business and is proven to attract new customers. As the human eye is particularly sensitive in the dark, it is advised that great care should be taken in planning the concept of illumination. In the outdoor tables, customers should have enough light to read the menus and see what they are eating and drinking. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that even low levels of light may be sufficient when the eyes have adapted to ambient light conditions, and that diners may be quickly dazzled by lights that are too bright.

The light from most outdoor solar lights solutions is produced by combining power from solar cells and energy-efficient lamps, mainly LEDs. These must be suitable for the outdoors and allow an outdoor installation. The most suitable models are those with a robust, waterproof, shockproof and UV resistant plastic housing to ensure that no rain, downpour, hail or water used to clean Correct operation. The strips of light, with their faint glow and their multitude of small lights, create a wonderful romantic atmosphere. Today, LED strip lights with the standard: they last longer than conventional lamps and use around 85 percent less energy. And these mini lamps also have the advantage that they are not heated.

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Light strips can be used to decorate trees and shrubs, can be placed on objects such as large vases or glass vases, can be placed around pillars and poles, and can give decorative frames and door frames a tale aspect of Fairies special. These “environment creators” can be found in the form of outdoor solar lights modules or in the form of strips (flexible and mobile), or also with conventional power adapters (recommended for brighter illumination and constant use). The outdoor light strips must have IP44 level protection.

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