6 Tips for Outdoor Christmas Lights

Feb 27th

Outdoor Christmas lights – They are 6 tips for outdoor Christmas lights. First, never pull extension lines between the windows and windows / doors. Never pull extension lines between the windows and windows / doors. The leads are easily clamped so that live parts are exposed. It may cause shock or cause fire and is also illegal. The cord, which is located on the light chain, must be fed between windows and doors. Second, do not install new sockets outdoors. Only place outdoor Christmas lights on a socket that is installed outdoors by an authorized installer. Do not install new sockets yourself.

Third, verify that the HFI / HPFI switch is working. Make sure that the HFI / HPFI switch is working before you connect the outdoor Christmas lights. The combination of a defective switch and moist soil is deadly when you touch the light chain. Fourth, always use light chains, interconnectors and cables intended for outdoor use. Always use light chains, joints and cables specifically designed for outdoor use. Lightly penetrates into installations and distribution boxes designed for indoor use. Even if it does not rain directly on them. Read on the packaging if you are unsure whether a product is intended for use inside or outside – that is specific if the electrical product is approved for outdoor use.

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Fifth, buy light chains based on LED lights. Throw out your old incandescent chains and buy new ones based on LED lights. They easily use 75 percent less power and last longer. An LED light chain holds approximately 30,000-70,000 hours. This means that they can be switched on all day long for 3 consecutive months in 14-32 years. Sixth, see the outdoor Christmas lights before purchasing the light chain. Remember to see the light chain lit before you buy it. There is a very big difference in the color and intensity of the outdoor Christmas lights.

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