12 Simple and Easy Bedroom Light Fixtures

Mar 7th

Bedroom light fixtures – In this case we want to present some simple and easy examples to illuminate bedroom in a practical and functional way, through appliques, bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps or bulbs or bulbs. if our bedroom is modern in style and we do not want to place any hanging lamps, a very good solution is to install recessed or surface lights in ceiling, preferably that they are tilting to be able to orient light towards points of room that we want highlight. Another option would be to place a floor lamp next to bed to get a more focused illumination to bed or even to serve as a night light to read.

Another much more modern and decorative option is to install a backlit headboard with led strips, achieving a beautiful decorative effect, an ambient bedroom light fixtures that we can leave on at all times. Also if we do it ourselves we can get a unique piece, created by us, at a very economical price, since there are strips of self-adhesive led with switch of 1 meter. (Arrive, glue and pass strip of light). This option can give a turn in decoration and lighting of our bedroom, in addition we can install it in a headboard or in a furniture-shelf that already have placed.

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Finally we present some other ideas and photos of bedrooms that serve as inspiration. A bedroom in which are integrated both two lateral appliques in chrome and glass with an adjustable and adjustable ceiling lamp to obtain desired illumination highlighting those areas or points of room that we want to highlight or highlight thanks to bedroom light fixtures. We can emphasize closet, some decorative complement like a vase of flowers, a painting. And in second where a very nice lamp matching duvet cover and upholstery of a classic style chair combined with white color, make a bedroom simply … … precious.  We hope that these brief tips will serve to illuminate bedroom of your houses.

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